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向 vs 拿 I am very confused as to when to use 向。I found these sentences in my text book. Can someone help me understand when to use 向? 1(a). 我向朋友借了一百块钱。--》 向 is used “I borrowed hundred yuan from my friend." 1(b). 我从朋友拿了一百块钱。--》向 not used. "I took hundred yuan from my friend." 1(c). 我从朋友拿借了一百块钱。--》向 not used. “I borrowed hundred yuan from my friend." Which of the above sentences is correct?
Oct 4, 2018 8:51 PM
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The first one is right. We can say it in that way. 1(b) I add two words 哪儿,and that will be right。1(b)我从朋友那儿拿了一百块钱。1(c). I correct two words.拿 is changed by 那儿,快 is changed by 块。我从朋友那儿借了一百块钱。 向 means the direction of one's action. and means toward. From means "从".
October 5, 2018
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