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difference : speak on/in a language I heard this sentence in a piece of listening material. "Can you speak on Italian? "( used for asking general abilities? maybe, I guess) but this one seems more commonly used. "Can you speak in Italian? " (used when asking someone to change the language they are talking right now? ) Is it correct?
Oct 5, 2018 3:41 AM
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I don't understand your question, particularly the part in brackets. 'Speak on' is not that natural or common but would mean to talk about. You might talk about Italian grammar. 'We are having a language theme in our evening talks. Could you speak on Italian? (It would be more natural to say 'Can you please give a talk on Italian?') 'Speak in' means 'speak using'. The suggestion is that you say what you are saying in Italian. 'My mother doesn't understand much English. Can you please speak in Italian?'.
October 5, 2018
Neither. Speak a language: speak Spanish, German, etc.
October 5, 2018
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