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I want add friend with somone can teach me english well better [emoji][emoji][emoji] Tks for your help
Oct 5, 2018 5:20 AM
Answers · 4
Hello Tansy. First, thank you for your question, I applaud your efforts. :-) In addition to having lessons, I would encourage you to use every opportunity to learn English and reinforce your lessons. Reading aloud from elementary school level children's books or watching one of hundreds of English language tutorials on Youtube can be helpful. I have also watched Spanish language television to improve my Spanish using the subtitles in Spanish to help improve my vocabulary. Lessons are important but I suggest that you try to immerse yourself in English as much, and as often as possible. Keep up the good work!
October 5, 2018
If you speak with a southern accent, we can do a language exchange.
October 18, 2018
Nanren888 has a point. Is your spoken English good enough to understand a native speaker, and learn from them, using only English? If not, then perhaps you need to continue with lessons?
October 5, 2018
Maybe you should look for ateacher, or tutor?
October 5, 2018
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