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Hello! What is the difference between 탐승하다 and 구경하다?
Oct 5, 2018 4:00 PM
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구경하다 means to view something as an onlooker. It's a common everyday word used about anything interesting. 탐승하다 is a very rare. I personally have never heard or seen it before. The dictionary meaning is to visit a place for sightseeing. For this meaning, however, we have 탐방하다 or 답사하다 which are fairly often heard in formal contexts. So the related words are: - 구경하다 = to look on (the only native Korean word in this group with a very informal feel) - 탐방하다 = to tour or visit a place of attraction. - 방문하다 = to visit (frequently used word for all kinds of visit) - 답사하다 = to visit a site in person for investigation or sightseeing purposes. - 탐승하다 (I think this is a dead word) (탐 = visit, trace, search; 방 = visit; 문 = inquire, greet; 사 = investigate)
October 6, 2018
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