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Garifova Landish
please help me with my essay. could you check it. thank you in advance Almost each of educated people knows at least one overseas language in the 21 century. It would be more correctly to say that it is compulsory even in schools. Thus, some part of the society thinks children should commence to get knowledge about foreign language at primary school in compare to secondary school. Both affirmative and negative sides of this statement will be collated In the following essay. Majority of pupils have a tend to think that memorizing of words and variety of speech dialogues for casual issues is very boring and exhausted, and on account of it some of them have headache. Forthermore, some children feel themselves mentally retarded, when other peers, who are owner of better attitudes with languages, quickly pick up new phrases and grammatical rules. On the ground of this, some psychologists recommend to start teaching abroad languages in the middle of school year period . Nevertheless, from the other hand, some reports show that individuals in the childhood more easily catch information rather than when they will be teenagers, therefore teachers advise to start learning languages as fast as it possible . Yet, scientists established that permanent practicing of new structure ,sentences and pronunciations is as the good exercises for memory and brain activity. Moreover, knowledge of even two languages is significantly decrease feasibility of Althgeimer disease, hence, bilingual person has more capacities for success in his occasion and more qualitatively execute his or her tasks. All thing considered, each assertion some pros and cons, which effect to children further abilities. However, personally, I support that it should begin learning from initial stages of human life.
Oct 6, 2018 2:25 PM
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Thank you for your advise. But my essay is too long
October 6, 2018
Garifova, I would suggest you to post it in the "notebooks" section. It has proper tools to correct texts. =]
October 6, 2018
Garifova Landish
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