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worked up here confuse me...what does the main meaning of that word? Paul struggled with himself, looked in the direction of his feet and replied, "Sir, after I saw that you had spotted me cheat- ing, I just went to pieces, I couldn't concentrate on anything, Honest, this is the first time I've ever cheated at the university. I desperately wanted an A, so 1 (worked up)a little pony to use,
Oct 6, 2018 9:29 PM
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in that sentences context it means he made up a lie or a story, he thought of a lie to tell. worked up usually means to became angry or agitated, or to make something usually very quickly for an emergency. "what is the main meaning of this word" or "what does this word mean"
October 6, 2018
It is the first meaning in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:
October 7, 2018
Worked up = thought up
October 6, 2018
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