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Is 'the' needed in front of the word 'key' in this sentence? Here is the sentence: MPs said the introduction of a plastic bottle deposit return scheme (DRS) was key to reducing plastic waste in the UK, as part of a series of measures to reduce littering and increase recycling rates. I was taught the phrase 'the key to sth' at school, but then I read this today. Is it acceptable to say key to reducing plastic waste without the? How about adding the, does it make any sense? Thank you!
Oct 7, 2018 4:41 AM
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"key to (something)" is in this case used like an adjective. Example: "Sleeping is key to a healthy lifestyle." However, when you use this phrase like a noun you have to put "the" in front of it. Example: "The key to making friends is being social." Just be aware of whether the word "key" is being used as an adjective to describe something else or as the noun of the sentence.
October 7, 2018
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