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顺着and沿着 1)顺着and沿着 what is the difference of using? 例如:顺着这条路一直十分钟走就到了。 沿着这条路走一公里然后左传。 Is it correct? 2)One can use these prepositions only for roads, streets,..?
Oct 7, 2018 9:12 AM
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I would say both are acceptable, though you need to rephrase the first sentence a little bit. 1. 顺着这条路一直走十分钟就到了 沿着 you have to be following a physical path. 顺着 is more flexible, the noun that follows doesn't need to be tangible. For example 顺着你的想法 means to follow/go along with your idea.
October 7, 2018
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