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How to learn words in my case! Hello! I've started listening and reading a lot. Although, I don't make any progress as I don't understand the way I want to understand information. That is why I decided to analyze carefully what I read and write down the words I don't know. The thing is I have read 254 words (a small answer to my question). I've written down 8 words. They are: ignoramus — невежда, неуч zealous — рьяный bozo — придурок ardent — страстный credit where it's due — cледует отдать должное woeful — жалкий incorrigible — неисправимый entangle — вовлекать My question is, should I stop reading until I learn this words or I should continue reading and writing down the new words? In the latter case I am afraid I can write down 300 words, that I won't be able to learn. Thank you!For those of you who wonder what I've read and where the words are from I post the test I read. "Hi Oleksandr, Off the top of my head, all I know is that Trump inherited many millions of dollars from his father, and that if he'd just left that money in a pension fund managed by any minimally competent broker and done absolutely nothing else, Trump would now have a net worth (чистый, собственный капитал) of about $8billion, instead of his actual current net worth of about $2billion. So, Trump, along the course of his life-long entanglements in various business activities and his implausible achievements as the only casino owner in history to lose money in that industry, and his six separate declarations of bankruptcy, and all of that despite the 18-year period in which he paid no taxes whatsoever, is about the most reliably, consistently, incorrigibly incompetent businessman you or I could name. Of course, none of that is a judgement on his character or his political skills. Trump's spectacularly woeful performance as a businessman doesn't make him a "bad guy" or a "weak president" - he just, coincidentally happens, also, to be those things. But, credit where it's due. Nobody's all bad. Among the very few things which Trump has got right is his ardent support for Brett Kavanagh, who has now, finally, been appropriately approved (51 to 49) to become a Supreme Court Judge. If anyone's curious as to what a bigger bozo, a more dangerous idiot, a more zealous ignoramus than Trump might look like: well, look no further than left-wing ideologue Amy Schumer and her rabidly-salivating, incoherently-dictioned man-hating pals."
Oct 7, 2018 2:06 PM
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Unless you are training for a test, I think that learning vocab lists is a form of masochism. I just keep reading (Italian) for interest, checking new or forgotten words and gradually, my vocabulary improves organically. If you are determined to bring a new word or phrase into your active vocabulary, then you should find opportunities to practice it in speech and writing. You can also create your own sentences with these words and ask people here to give you feedback.
October 7, 2018
Oh my... it should be "these words"
October 7, 2018
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