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narc out What is the meaning of "narc out"? "Editors at “The Wall Street Journal” found out that their reporter had done that, had taken those tickets when Trump himself called the editors of the paper to complain about their negative news coverage of him. Having compromised this reporter by slipping him some boxing tickets that he`d have to keep secret from his bosses, Trump then dropped the guillotine, right? He narced that reporter out to his editor, for taking the tickets, and then he got that dude taken off the Trump reporting beat. Bleh, right?" Source:
Oct 7, 2018 4:19 PM
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Hello, In this case narc out means to tell on someone, to report someone. Definitions include: to report misdeeds to authorities or authority figures; "tell on". narc out Definitions include: to tell on someone. nark Definitions include: Alternate spelling of "narc" Hope this helps Carol
October 7, 2018
As Carol said, it means to tell someone in authority. However, it also has the implication that the person who did the wrong thing might feel betrayed by the person who tells the authority. (Because the two people are friends, or family members, or in some other group where it might make sense that they feel closer to each other than they do to the authority). You can narc on your brother. You wouldn't really say "narc" if you just saw some random person commit a crime. I think it comes from "Narcotics Officer" (people who investigate crimes around drugs. They often pretend to be friends of criminals in order to arrest them later on.)
October 8, 2018
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