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sowas von geil? Hallo italki users! ich habe heute eine kleine Frage! "das war sowas von geil" = it was awesome. Can I think that way? geil also means horny, so I wonder if there is something I have to be careful of when I say that sentence. and I would really appreciate it if you give me some other sentences that I can use instead of "sowas von geil" Thanks a lot !
Oct 8, 2018 12:21 PM
Answers · 5
The adjective "geil" used to mean "horny", but that meaning gets lost more and more, since the word has been used in the sense of "awesome" in youth slang. More precisely, that started in my youth in the 1980s, and the word has been kept with that meaning since. So, as long as you don't call a person "geil" in a situation with sexual context, there is no room for misunderstandings. "Sowas von" is a more recent slang expression to emphasize an adjective. When you call somebody "sowas von blöd", you basically call him a complete idiot. "Sowas von lecker" is a huge compliment on the food you just had. So, "sowas von geil" does not just mean "awesome", but rather: "absolutely awesome". Some other expressions with a similar meaning are: - absolut genial - spitzenklasse - einfach fantastisch - ...
October 8, 2018
When you use the whole phrase 'sowas von geil', it won't be misunderstood. Some people use it as well instead of 'very good, great' (Der Film war echt geil.) It might trigger some laughs, but not only because of the second meaning, but as well because it is dialect and people find it amusing when foreigners use dialect expressions. Instead of 'sowas von geil': Das war/ist echt super. Wirklich Toll! Grossartig. Unglaublich gut! Extrem super!
October 8, 2018
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