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Restoration of old buildings vs building new houses and roads. Well-functioned traffic system and well planned colonies in which citizen can settle down is the insurance of economical and industrial growth. Organized civilization is the initial stage of state political and financial success. We are unable to welcome any neighbour country investment when we are ignoring the basic needs of our own. We can consider China as an example they are one of the most populated country and because of that their productivity level is growing day by day every country is dependent on them. Old buildings are our heritage, but new developed society is our present and future, by funding on these sectors we can increase our economy. People deliberately leaving their countries for future securities, they are not only deprived from basic needs like education, food and shelter they are also missing modernization which we cannot achieve from old buildings reconstruction. New roads and houses are actually fresh opportunities of jobs and business. If people enjoy fulfillment of their needs than they utilize all their effort money and skills in their country and they never think about moving any other place for betterment. For example UAE is all new constructed city also known as a mini Europe because of its modern roads, buildings and houses. Well-balanced construction is a cornerstone of any country development, and the old building makeover is something which can be delayed for the sake of future benefits.
Oct 8, 2018 10:04 PM
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Sorry, but this is way too long, and there are too many mistakes for this to to be in the 'question' section. You should post in the 'notebook' section, where there are tools to make corrections clearer. Before you do that though, I suggest you review your use of plurals or articles in your first sentence. If you don't get any corrections, you could then try posting a link and a request here for corrections.
October 9, 2018
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