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Larissa | 라리사
(한테 / 에게 / 께 / 에) + (한테서 / 에게서 / ? / 로부터) - HELP ! I try to ask my question in form of example sentences. 1. 친구에게/한테 청바지를 사 줘요. 2. 부모님께 돈을 드려요 3. 꽃에 물을 줘요. 4. 친구한테서 / 에게서 뉴스를 들었어요 5. 부모님___?? 뉴스를 들었어요? 6. 회사로부터 뉴스를 들었어요 ? My question is a) For 'non living things' (like flowers) you use -에, right? (Example 3). So would you use for 회사 or 법원 -에 too ? Because 'they are not living things, but people work in it?' for example 회사에 신청서를 보냈어요. ?? b) What do you use for example 5? 께 again ? or something totally different? It must be a polite marker, right? c) Is example 6 correct? I would be so greatful, if somebody could help me out ! :)
Oct 8, 2018 10:30 PM
Answers · 2
Wow, you are very good at the most difficult rules in Korean. All of your answers seem correct. a) yes, 에 is right. I never personally thought about it but I think you are right - it is because the object is not a living thing. b) I think 부모님께 .. 를 들었어요 also works but in my opinion, 부모님으로부터 works better although there is no polite marker in it. c) yes, 회사로부터 sounds natural.
October 9, 2018
Larissa | 라리사
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