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What is the grammar in phrase " 가 오는" this sentence? This is the sentence: Nina 가 오는 토요일에 결혼한다는데 참석할거야? can you help me to understand the grammar "가 오는" in this sentence? Is it "가고 오는", right?
Oct 9, 2018 2:10 PM
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가 is the subject particle attached to "Nina". They put space because it's awkward to connect two words from different languages directly. Nina 가 오는 토요일에 결혼한다는데 참석할거야? => 니나가 [오는 토요일]에 ... = Nina is ... on [the coming Saturday] ... In daily conversation, I think 이번 토요일 (this Saturday) is much more common than 오는 토요일 (coming Saturday).
October 9, 2018
오는 토요일= this coming saturday
October 9, 2018
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