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I want to be able to read and understand English sentence smoothly. How should I study?
Oct 9, 2018 5:06 PM
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I am not sure if you are wanting an answer to this question or a correction. The correct way to ask this question would be: I want to be able to read and understand English sentences fluently. How should I study? Practice with a good teacher is always a good way to study. Book a class on italki and get some practice!
October 9, 2018
Start reading simple books first, for example Rich Man Poor Man (T.C. Jupp), Dangerous Journey (Alwyn Cox). Then take something more difficult. You can find books for your level here:
October 9, 2018
一口に英語の文と言っても、いろんな分野やレベルがありますから、まずは、どんな英語を読めるようになりたいのでしょうか? メール? 本? italkiのプロフィール? TOEICの試験問題? あなたの今の英語力から、どんな勉強が、とりあえずできるのかなど、さまざまな解答があると思います。
October 10, 2018
Watch Japanese movies with English subtitles. You can understand everything because it's in Japanese, and see how to say it in English. :) You should also find someone for language exchange. :)
October 9, 2018
Mr/Ms CG Fleissner! Thank you very much:) I'll try to posting!
November 13, 2018
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