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Diferentes significados Hola, quisiera saber la diferencia de significados entre 5 las siguientes palabras/verbos/adjetivos: - Bother - Annoyance - Nuisance - Upset - Hassle Por otro lado también hago la misma pregunta con las 3 siguientes: - Appoint - Quote - Cite Muchas gracias.
Oct 9, 2018 11:06 PM
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Do you want an answer in Spanish? Or is English OK? (That was meant to be a comment. I've edited my answer to add the below:) Bother and Upset are mostly used as verbs, except bother is sometimes used as a noun in English English. Annoyance and Nuisance are nouns. Hassle can be either a verb or an noun. Most except upset have a similar meaning - upset mainly means to make someone unhappy, which is somewhat different. Bother is more polite, and gentle, and often used to apologise, e.g. sorry to bother you. Quote and cite are similar, meaning to reference someone else's writing. Cite is mostly academic, and quote is more general. Appoint is quite different, meaning to give someone a title or job.
October 9, 2018
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