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Sam Thomas
请给我解释这些词汇/句子 1)脑子怎么还转不过来呢? ‘转不过’是什么意思? 2)其它的杂志都死光光 ‘死光光’是什么意思? 3)我们自己都顾不过来。 那些老记们为了跟他们,个个都废寝忘食,生不 如死 ‘顾不过来’和‘老记们’都是什么意思? 谢谢你们的帮助!
Oct 11, 2018 12:28 AM
Answers · 3
1、“转不过”直意是卡住的意思,这里是“不领悟”的意思。 2、“死光光”直意是全都死了,这里是倒闭、不再发行的意思。 3、‘顾不过来’是无法照顾好自己或无法做好自己的事和工作的意思,‘老记们’是记者们的意思(方言口语)
October 11, 2018
1. Inflexible - "Your thinking is inflexible" 2. 死光光 = Here 光 means empty. The doubling of the character is to put emphasis as a state of emphasis. So it means "all dead" There are many other examples... 白雪雪 So white that it looks like snow i.e. ultra snowy white. 光秃秃. Here 光 means "bare", 秃 = naked, without hairs - thoroughly naked. 3. 过来 here means "to turn over", 顾 = care (other meanings include, to look back, take into consideration, attend to). Literally it means, "utter despair or so dire that one cannot even turn his body". So the translation of the sentence in the given context is, "we can't even fend for ourselves anymore". 老记 is a dialectical term and means different things in different dialects. In Cantonese, it means "reporter" or "a very close friend". 老 here is a honorific, to signify experience. Unlike western culture, old age is a sign of respect and not youth oriented society.
October 11, 2018
Sam Thomas
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