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Alice Stone
안녕하세요 구경 잘하고갑니다. So, I was commented THIS to my instagram photo and honestly I do understand a tiny bit of korean BUT I learned by ear, so... Reading it and fully understanding it is on a whole nother lever. THIS: "안녕하세요 구경 잘하고갑니다." I guessed it's something along the lines of "hello, the picture was well taken" or something but I really doubt that was it. Help???? What does it mean and how am I supposed to reply to it? I'd really like to reply back correctly if possible... I just wrote "안녕하세요고맙습니다" ?? Please tell me if this is acceptable and if not then what the heck went wrong? Please, you korean speakers out there, I need help. -_-' Much appreciated, Alice
Oct 11, 2018 12:36 AM
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Hello, Alice. I'm Jina. Basically THIS means "your feed is awesome" 잘 구경했어요 if I translate into English, it literally means like 'I saw your feed well.' 안녕하세요, 고맙습니다 Your answer is proper to say to this (: Also you can say 또 놀러오세요 next time which means "please come visit next time again" I hope it will help you!
October 11, 2018
Alice Stone
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