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Cristian Manrique
"People getting off at it" is this correct. What does this mean? Ok. The context. The mother is trying to protect her daughter of some people of the city because she is blind. She might be thinking that they are going to laugh at her. And the mother says to the father that she doesn't want people getting of at it.
11 oct. 2018 02:55
Answers · 5
With your update to the context I am afraid this doesn’t make sense. It could be an error for “to get off on it”
12 octobre 2018
We need to see the context in order to know what it means, and to know if it was used correctly.
11 octobre 2018
"People getting off at it" - may refer to people are disembarking a bus or train at "it" which would have been a previously discussed place. However it is not a complete sentence by itself.
11 octobre 2018
This phrase doesn't really make sense by itself. Can you use it in a complete sentence?
11 octobre 2018
Cristian Manrique
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