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Hao Ran
Can anyone give me an example of how to use "始终” (always) in a sentence? I searched online and found the word “始终” and I'd like to know how it can be used in a sentence.

According to google translate it is defined as "always". Is this the correct definition? Are there more definitions?

Thanks in advance!

Oct 11, 2018 7:27 AM
Answers · 3
物价始终保持稳定。 会议始终在友好的气氛中进行。 我们等了他半天,他始终没来。
October 11, 2018
First of all, you're right! "始终" means 自始至终,一直(all the time;always;all long) e.g.我始终相信我能学好中文! It has another meaning:毕竟,终究(after all) e.g.我不能责怪她,她始终是我的姐姐! "始终"also has some other meanings!
October 11, 2018
1、也许有时候,有些问题尽管老师说过很多遍,但是你始终搞不明白。 2、经过很多年,很多事,她始终是你最知心的朋友。
October 11, 2018
Hao Ran
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