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what does "in the light of day" means in this context? (In Modern Family series) This is the dialogue. A : I gues we should donate it somewhere, along with the 800-pound gorilla. B : I mean, you know, we're not getting a baby. A : A decision, by the way, which seems even better in the light of day. B : I totally agree. A : So, we're good? B : We're great. A : We couldn't have handled this any better.
Oct 11, 2018 12:59 PM
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In this context 'in the light of day' means 'now that we can see clearly'. It appears that the decision that they should not get a baby disappointed them at the time but as other things have developed and they have been able to reflect and take everything into account, seeing more clearly, that it was actually the right decision. From the context of it appearing that someone else had made the decision and the use of the verb 'to get' rather than 'to have' it would suspect that they were hoping to adopt a child and been turned down
October 12, 2018
If something such as an idea, plan, or rule sees the light of day, it starts to exist, it becomes real. (Your example refers to a decision) If an object sees the light of day, it is brought out of a place where it has been for a long time Hope this helps
October 11, 2018
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