BEHİND OF YOU / BEHİND YOU Which one of these is correct or more natural? And why?

I am behind of you, I am behind you

The car is beside of the three / The car is beside the three

He is front you / He is front of you

11 okt 2018 23:40
Answers · 7
Hi Serhat, In your sentences, "in front of", "beside" and "behind" are prepositions. Prepositions are used before a noun, pronoun or a noun phrase to show their relationship (such as position) with other words in the sentence. Therefore, your sentences should be: I am behind (prep) you (pronoun). The car is beside (prep) the three [boys] (noun phrase). He is *in front of (prep) you (pronoun). * "of" is part of the entire preposition "in front of". I hope this helps.
12 oktober 2018
Good question. I'll try to answer, but I'm not sure. I'm behind. The car is besides the tree. I'm in front of you.
12 oktober 2018
behind you
12 oktober 2018
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