Question Hi guys, as usual I'm getting confused by something trivial. Please, which sentence is correct? Luca has experience in writing and review documents/documentations activities Luca has experience in documents/documentations writing and review activities Luca has experience in writing and review of documents/documentations activities Thanks
12 oct. 2018 03:28
Answers · 8
The best sentence is this: Luca has experience in writing and review of documents. "Documentations activities" does not sound good because "documentations" is in the adjective position before the noun, and in general, English avoids making adjectives plural.
12 octobre 2018
Very close, there are actually few ways you could say it: Luca has experience in writing and reviewING documents/documentations AND activities. or Luca has experience in THE writing and reviewING OF documents/documentations AND activities. One thing I might also note here, "documents" and "documentation" are not really synonyms(as the '/' sort of implies). "Document" normally means like something like a file a contract, an MS Word doc, a letter, etc. "Documentation" refers to any kind of text/literature that describes or explains something. The first and third way you wrote that sentence would be definetly be understood but another way could also be like this: Luca is experienced in writing and reviewing documents, documentation and activities.
12 octobre 2018
I find this: As nouns the difference between reviewing and review is that reviewing is the act by which something is reviewed, or thought about again; a mental review while review is a second or subsequent reading of a text or artifact. So if I fully understand the sentece is: Luca has experience in writing and reviewing of documents.
12 octobre 2018
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