nationally vs domestically To sum up, there are such different causes of people suffering starvation. Among them, economic status accounts for the biggest part of the reasons. It is needed to take actions both internationally and nationally. (Can i also say "both internationally and domestically" instead of "nationally") Looking at the end of the sentece of this paragraph, Can i use both "nationally" and "domestically" ?
12 de Out de 2018 às 08:01
Answers · 3
Hi Hayley, it looks like you're writing an academic paper (or along the lines). In that case, out of habit I would probably say domestically first, and then internationally, because it seems more natural starting from small to big, if that makes sense. But yes, it is correct to say 'domestically' in this case. You could also say 'on a domestic level', or 'on a national level'.
12 de Outubro de 2018
Saying 'nationally and internationally' is much clearer, because 'internationally' is like .. more than nationally. 'domestically and internationally' is also good.
12 de Outubro de 2018
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