Could you explain me please with sentences ; differences between effect and affect ?
Oct 12, 2018 8:16 AM
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Effect can be a noun or a verb. Affect is a verb. As a result, "effect" is rarely used as a verb. Effect means "a result or an influence," e.g. side effects. Affect means "to influence or make a difference to." Notice that affect needs a subject to function, "to influence or make a difference to (something or someone.)" This is why "affect" is used where you need a verb. You tend to hear affect in natural disaster reports "affected areas." Let' say there is a hurricane. You will have an affected area that suffers from the effects of the hurricane. The effects (noun) of the hurricane will affect (verb) an area. A good example for the difference is medication. Medication may have "adverse effects." Should you suffer from one of these, then you will be "adversely affected" by medication. Again: medication has adverse effects (noun) that may adversely affect (verb) you.
October 12, 2018
Here's an answer I gave to someone last week: ............. "Affect" is a verb - to affect : "Can you tell me how the new rules will affect us?" It's usually pronounced 'uhfect'. "Effect is a noun - to have an effect : "Can you tell me about the effect of the new rules?" It's usually pronounced 'iffect'. NB There is also a verb "to effect", but it's quite formal, and not used in everyday contexts.
October 12, 2018
Both of the other answers are correct. "Affect" is usually a transitive verb, meaning it needs an object: "He affected how I thought about the matter." "Effect" is commonly seen as both a verb (as in "to effect a change," that is, to make a change) and a noun ("cause and effect"). However, in rare instances, "affect" can also serve as a noun, usually meaning a feeling or emotion: "She studies the role of affect in politics," meaning she studies how feelings or emotions affect politics. Again, not common outside certain contexts, but still good to know.
October 12, 2018
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