What is the difference between 수, 양, 분량, 수량 ? and How do you use it? 대회에서 발표할 원고의 양은 제한이 없다. Becaue i confused about how to use 수, 양.. so i'm wondering what happen if i use "수" instead of "양" in this sentence. Please explain it for me ! And give me many more examples for it . Thank you so much !
Oct 12, 2018 8:34 AM
Answers · 1
As a definition 수 is quantity/number/count/many; 양 is amount/volume/much; 분량 is divided amount; 수량 is combination of number and amount. For instance, 많은 사람 수 --- A large number of people 적은 물의 양 --- A small amount of water 오늘의 숙제 분량 --- A volume of today's designated(divided for today) homework 물건의 수량 --- A size(as a quantity and/or amount) of stuff I wish your better understanding. Thanks.
October 12, 2018
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