Contractual language? Please check? Where the loan period is more than one year, party A shall start to make repayment the next month of party B’s granting the loan. Each month is a repayment period and the principal and interest is to be settled that month. Whichever day within the repayment period party A makes repayment, the interest is calculated on a monthly basis. Please check my text? Thank you for any correction and improvement!
2018年10月12日 09:46
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I have to say that it's an extremely good effort for any non-native speaker, never mind one from a country whose language is so different to English. But all the same, it is still not clear enough. If this is part of a real commercial document, then please don't accept anyone's free advice on it, especially parts of it in isolation from the rest. I am insured for this kind of commercial legal English work but most people aren't.
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