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Hi, could you please check the following Spanish sentences for me? 【遮阳-2】 2 pcs Car Window Sunshades - XXX Universal Sun Shades for Baby, Blcok UV Rays and Sun Heat, Good Protection for your Kids, Pets (Zebra Pattern) 2 pcs Ventana de Coche Parasol - XXX Sombrillas Universals del Coche para Bebé, Bloquee los Rayos Ultravioleta y Calor del Sol, Buena Protección para Sus Cabritos, Animales Domésticos (Patrón de Cebra)
Oct 12, 2018 10:29 AM
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你好Derek ! The word order in English cannot be translated in the same order to Spanish ( not always ) "Car window sunshades" in Spanish is " Parasoles para ventanas de automóvil" ( automóvil ( Latin America) = carro (Spain) ) "Parasoles" isn't the same as "sombrillas". The second word refers to an umbrella to block the sun, but you are talking about an accessory for the car window. XXX Parasoles universales para bebés, bloqueadores de rayos UV y calor solar, buena protección para sus niños y mascotas ( Patrón de Cebra ) Pets = mascotas. The translation as "animales domésticos" isn't wrong, but isn't accurate either. The best translation is "mascotas" (宠物) because you are talking about domestic animals that you can take in you car. Kids = children = niños = 孩子们 Best wishes Sofía
October 12, 2018
Hi, 2 unidades de bloqueadores de sol para ventanas de carro - XXX Sombrillas para bebés universales, Bloque de rayos UV y calor solar. Buena Protección para niños, animales domésticos (Patrón de Cebra).
October 12, 2018
@Lauren, thanks a lot, wish you have a great day!
October 13, 2018
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