At or In? When to use each one. I speak spanish as native and have been learning english since a long time ago, but I'm still not fluent. Everytime when I need to write something, I doubt about which preposition to use. Can someone to help me to understand the difference better?
Oct 12, 2018 12:42 PM
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You use at when you're talking about a specific time or place For example: I'm going to arrive at 6:00 pm ; I am going to eat at Burger King You use in when you're talking about a time or place that's not specific For example: I was born in October ; in a park
October 12, 2018
Hi Yessica, you can book a trial lesson with me if you would like to practice prepositions.
October 12, 2018
at is for a location; at home, at school, at the cinema, at the station or at the park in is for an area; in the US, in New York, in the north of the city or in the park also, in is for inside something; in my room, in the kitchen, in my bag, in my coffee so, choosing which one depends on what information you want; 'let's meet at the restaurant' = outside or maybe inside.. it's just a location. Or, 'let's meet in the mall, at Starbucks' :)
October 12, 2018
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