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Enam/rohkem/veel Tere! Could you tell me if I understand correctly, palun? 1) enam = mostly negative --> no more, not anymore (dont do anything anymore) 2) rohkem = more (who do you like more?) or no more (I dont want anymore) But can I say Ma enam ei taha? 3) veel = more of something uncountable, more happiness, veel kohvi Can I say Ma tahan enam banaani? Or rohkem rohkem banaani? Aitäh.
Oct 13, 2018 7:51 AM
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Remember that ''enam'' is a positive word, to use it in a negative manner it has to be used alongside with a negative word. Ex. ''Ei enam'' ''Enam mitte'' -------------------------------- You should say '' Ma tahan rohkem banaani'' PS: When you want to say it in a negative form you can use both ''enam'' and ''more'' ''ma ei taha enam banaani'' ''ma ei taha rohkem banaani''
October 15, 2018
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