Can someone help me with this? Hello! A person asked me when I plan to deliver some gifts but since he can't understand English, I would like to answer in Korean. Can someone help me to translate this sentence into Korean? (formal): - ''The gift will be delivered to the company on 2nd November'' Can be something like this? 11월 2일에 선물이 회사에서 배달될거에요. I'm not sure~
Oct 13, 2018 4:59 PM
Answers · 1
The gift will be delivered to the company on 2nd November. 1. 선물은 11월 2일에 회사에 배달될 거에요. 2. 11월 2일에 선물이 회사에 배달될 거에요. #1 makes the sentence more firmly anchored on 선물. #2 says the same thing emphasizing the fact rather 선물. Your sentence is wrong because of 회사에서. 에서 indicates where something is coming from or a place where some action takes place. So it says the opposite, that the gift will be delivered from or the company to someone unmentioned (such as you).
October 14, 2018
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