why can the participle 'being' follow the preposition'as' in this sentence? They advertised goods as being for sale. 1,why can the participle 'being' follow the preposition 'as'? 2.Is it a reduction sentence? Can you write the whole sentence for me?
Oct 14, 2018 12:07 PM
Answers · 10
You could say their goods were for sale, but "as being" is accurate and used, though maybe not as commonly as "were". In this sentence, it almost implies their goods weren't actually for sale. They advertised their goods as being on sale, but in reality when we got there they had already sold out . . . or in reality they weren't accepting offers . . .
October 14, 2018
1. It is normal to follow prepositions with the --ing form of the verb. I don't see why you find this unusual. 2. No, there's no reduction here.
October 14, 2018
Could anyone help me?
October 18, 2018
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