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Как использовать "выпуск" и "эпизод"? Привет, When I was listening to a podcast, they said "Наде́юсь, вам понра́вился э́тот вы́пуск." I would have thought they would have used "эпизод." Так, какая разница? When should I use "вы́пуск" and when should I use "эпизод"? Is "эпизод" only for television? Спасибо!
Oct 14, 2018 12:38 PM
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Выпуск and эпизод are sometimes synonymous, as in your example. I think initially the meaning of выпуск is issue. You issue something you broadcast something you publish something. While эпизод initially implied that there is a narration and it's just a part of the whole story, an episode of narration. Use выпуск with these words: Выпуск газеты Выпуск новостей Выпуск подкаста Use эпизод as "episode" in English. "Эпизод" is not only for television. I think this particular meaning of this word is new in Russian and came from English. Эпизод реалити-шоу второго сезона there is also a word "серия" Завтра будет первая серия (first episode) нового сериала (new tv-series).
October 14, 2018
I am also learning Russian. I think: сериал = a TV series серия = an individual episode of a TV series эпизод = an individual scene within an episode, or within a movie. For example, "They needed only one take to film this scene." It's confusing because in most other contexts, серия does mean series.
October 15, 2018
I'd use "выпуск" in a more official, mass media context. e.g. "выпуск передачи на радио" or "новый выпуск [телевизионного] шоу". In a casual situation one would use word "серия" to say "episode", e.g. "ты смотрел новую серию Шерлока?" As a direct translation from english "episode" russian "эпизод" is not used that frequently, rather in specific context like "эпизоды Звёздных войн". I'd say it is used more often in figurative meanings, e.g. "в моей жизни был такой эпизод" meaning "there was such a situation in my life". Hope not have confused you too much ;)
October 18, 2018
1. "Очередной выпуск нашей передачи вы увидите завтра." 2. "Мне нравится эпизод, где он прыгает с моста." или "Мой любимый эпизод в этом фильме, когда он признаётся ей в любви." Эпизод is movie short scene.
October 18, 2018
эпизод - это небольшая часть выпуска
October 17, 2018
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