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What are the biggest differences between spoken and written Chinese? 中文口语和书面语区别是什么? Spoken Chinese and written Chinese are very different.  I know there are different words that are used, and different sentence structures.  Is that all?  Is it just a matter of substituting some words for other words?  Are there other important differences?
我知道口语根书面语有很多区别。 秋别在哪里? 就是担子, 结构?  
Nov 9, 2007 5:12 AM
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書面:1.詞彙比較優美 2.語意明確 3.語句常有譬喻及誇張的修辭 5.more............... 口說: 因為彼此都知道目標是指是甚麼 容易省略某些字
July 4, 2011
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