Come si dice "Land under many stars" I'm creating a fictional country that I want to name "Land under many stars" in Italian. I think "La terra sotto le molte stelle"? Maybe "le molte stelle" for short, but I want something beautiful like "Italia" or "Germania". I want the stars to be symbolic of the kinda oligarchical powers who will run the country. I also want a special title for myself since I want to be supreme and eternal commander of the military air force. I was thinking "il comandante supremo e eterno dell'aeronautica militare". In the U.S the highest rank in the Air Force is the General, but I like the word "Comandante" more.
Oct 16, 2018 3:10 AM
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what about "Ipoastro" or the plural version "Ipoastri" ipo- is a prefix of greek origin which means "sotto" and so is -astro "stella", it is common in the italian language to use words derived from greek or latin. On regarding your title the one you chose sounds ok, it should be written "Comandante Supremo ed Eterno dell'Aeronautica Militare".
October 16, 2018
Hi Sean, How about "Una terra sotto un mare di stelle". When you say "un mare di ..." that means a lot. It could emphasize the contrast between the land, the sea and the sky and give an image of a land that is under a sea/ocean of star so you could be a general of the whole Universe! [emoji]
October 16, 2018
Ah your writing the plot of Understellar...
October 18, 2018
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