negative form of a sentence There is a sentence 'A has two books more than B does.' If I transform it into a Negative form as 'A doesn't have two books more than B does.', then what is this sentence means? I've got confused that the word 'not' negates 'two' or 'more'.
Oct 16, 2018 4:51 AM
Answers · 5
Not negates dose not have two books more.
October 16, 2018
That's a rather strange thing to say. It really negates the whole 'has two books more', so A could have any number other than two more than. They could have less than, the same, one more than, or three or more more than. Since you don't say whether they have more than, or less than, that makes it a bit odd, and I can't think of a case where you would ever say that.
October 16, 2018
I believe that it is combined, "not two more". A then has either 3 or more books more, 1 book more, equal amount of books to B or less books than B. So actually any amount of books but not "2 more" Hope this helps?
October 16, 2018
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