(keen perception,get in and wade with,and conference clam)confuse me n working with many kinds of groups of all sizes, I've watched many persons with keen perception and much native ability freeze and fail to participate in discussions. It isn't that these folks don't want to get in and wade with the rest. Rather, it's a simple lack of confidence. The conference clam thinks to himself, "My opinion is proba- bly worthless. 1_i know the meaning of keen it mean (eager, interested) but with (perception)which mean can do judgement confuse me 2_get in mean (elected or arrive )but dont understand it with wade 3_clam i know mean shy person but( conference )clam what it mean here?
Oct 17, 2018 3:45 PM
Answers · 6
1. Keen perception uses the other definition of keen, sharp (intelligent, bright). A person with keen perception is someone who perceives well, in other words someone who understands situations quickly and is intelligent. 2. Get in and wade with means to engage and be involved with the discussion. To wade is to walk through deep water and therefore to be surrounded by it. Wade is used figuratively here to mean be deeply involved with the discussion. 3. A clam here means someone who is not speaking. We often describe someone who stops speaking because they are shy or embarrassed as having ´´clammed up´´.
October 17, 2018
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