meaning Hi, would you please tell me what does سکر mean in this poem: حَبَستُ بِجَفْنَىَّ المَدامِعَ لا تَجرِي فَلَمّا طَغَى الماءُ استَطالَ عَلَى‏ السِّكْرِ From the poem,it seems it means something like dam, right ? Thanks
Oct 17, 2018 7:03 PM
Answers · 2
السكر هو ما يسد به السد او الجدار الذي يحبس ماء السد. والشاعر هنا يقصد ان دموعة تجاوزت باب سد و طالت فوقه جراء حزنه.. As you mentioned it means the gate of the dam. His tears sunk that gate.
October 17, 2018
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