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How do I say 'ugh' in Korean? Please check my grammar too! A: You still haven't finished your homework?

B: No. Isn't it due next week?

A: it's due today!

B: Really?! Ugh. I'm so dead.

A: 숙젤 아직도 끝낸 게 없었어?

B: 응. 만기일 다음 주 아니지?

A: 오늘은 만기일이잖아!

B: 진짜로?! Ugh (아이씨?). 망했어.

이게 맞아요? Ugh 한국어로 어떻게 해요? '아이씨'예요? 인터넷에 봤는데 '아이씨'라고 말하면, 영어로 f***을 의미예요. 근데 저에게 '아이씨'와 'ugh' 둘 다 같는 것 같아요

Oct 18, 2018 3:01 AM
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Here's some details. A: 숙젤 아직도 끝낸 게 없었어? (끝낸 게 없다 = "There's none that I've finished yet", not correct here) B: 응. 만기일 다음 주 아니지? (만기일 is primarily a financial term. 마감일(formal), 마감날, or 제출일 is better) * Also note the difference between these: * 1. 다음 주 아니지? = It's not next week, right? (hoping to hear it's not next week) * 2. 다뭄 주 아니야? = Isn't it next week? (= I think/thought it's next week) * 3. 다뭄 주잖아? = It's next week, isn't it? (about the same as #2) * Only #2 and #3 match your English version. #1 has the opposite meaning. A: 오늘은 만기일이잖아! (오늘은 -> 오늘이. The main point is the homework. 오늘 is not the topic, so 이) B: 진짜로?! Ugh (아이씨?). 망했어. 아이씨 is a medium strength expletive (like "Damn it!") expressing annoyance, not surprise as does "Ugh!". For "ugh!", you can use one of these. - 이이고 - widely used when you're surprised or flustered. - 어 / 어어 - reaction of surprise (the end part must be raised. Otherwise, it means "yes"). - 어머 - Only used by women (but some men seem to use it these days). - 악 / 억 - originally a sound of a scream, but it's used in everyday situation too for exaggeration or as a joke. - 헉 - more recent variation of 악/억 which is popular. The conversation might go like this. A: 아직도 숙제 안 했어? B: 응, 다음 주까지 아니야? / 응, 다움 주까지잖아? (= 다음 주까지 내는 거 아니야? 내다 = turn it in) A: 아냐, 오늘까지야! B (male version): 그래 / 진짜 / 헉? 아이고, 난 죽었다 [or 망했다 / 끝났다]. B (female version): 어머, 진짜? 어떡하면 좋아.
October 18, 2018
안녕하세요! 아이토키에서 한국어를 가르치고 있는 알렉스예요. Hi! I'm Alex. I teach Korean on italki. It looks like you're confused between 아이씨 and 어어..(ugh) You can say 아이씨 when something bad happens. I recommend you use it when there aren't other people around you. You can say ugh when you're frustrated. 추가 예문 아이씨 누가 내 차 긁고 갔어. 이번 시험 망했어 어.. ㅠㅠ 어.. 티비 보다가 냄비 태워먹었는데 어떡하지 ㅠㅠ 혹시 더 궁금한게 있으시면 얼마든지 물어봐주세요! Feel free to ask me any questions about Korean!
October 18, 2018
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