Is this sentence correct? ジョンはデレクよりのんびりしています。 John is more easygoing than Derek. Is the progressive tense necessary for this meaning or could I replace it with the non-past as in, "ジョンはデレクよりのんびりします。"? I am also wondering what word would most closely match the colloquial "chill" in English. For example, "That dude is so chill, nothing really fazes him."
Oct 18, 2018 5:53 AM
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Hi! のんびりしています in this sentence doesn't indicate a progressive action. The ~ている form can also be used to indicate a particular state or condition. Examples: 1. 瘦せる "to get thin" → 瘦せている "to be thin" 2. 乗る "ride or take (a bus, a car, etc.)" → 乗っている "be in a bus, car, etc." 3. 眼鏡をかける "to wear glasses" → 眼鏡をかけている "be wearing glasses" Therefore, regarding のんびりしています in your sentence, it means "to be more easygoing" You can't use します in ジョンはデレクよりのんびりします。to express the same statement. I believe that ツンデレ colloquially indicates a chill, cold or aloof personality. Hope that helps.
October 18, 2018
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