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'在台下面’的意思是什么? In English, if you say someone is 'under the stage' it means they are directly below the stage, so the performers would be directly above them. But in Chinese if you say 在台下 it just means you are off stage, so not on the stage. What would 在台下面 mean? Does it mean directly below the stage or just not on the stage? How would you say under the stage? so the place where you would be if went through a trap door? Below is my dictionary's definition of 台下, so maybe you can see why I am a bit confused. ①名舞台、讲台等的下面。 Thanks very much
Oct 18, 2018 2:05 PM
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在台下,在台下面,第一种意思就是在舞台或讲台前方的下面,第二种意思就是在舞台或讲台的台板的直上直下的下面,“在台下面”的第二种意思更强烈一些,具体这两个词表示什么意思要根据说话人当时说话的口气去体会。 在台下,还有可能有第三种意思,那就是不再掌权了,不当官了,下台了。
October 22, 2018
“舞台的下面”一般指观众区,除非语境是谈论舞台的 内部结构,“台上”一般“指舞台,”舞台上面“一般同指”台上“,除非语境说舞台结构,用”舞台上方“一词,如:舞台上方布设有很多灯和其他设备。
October 19, 2018
Okay, 在台下面=在台下,it is anywhere off the stage, usually have a less height than the stage. under the stage, if you mean it's directly below the stage, we often refer to it as "在舞台的正下方"。“正” is directly, and it's crucial and essential requirement in the context to express where you want to point clearly. It will be better if you pose a gesture when you are talking about this.
October 18, 2018
I think you're over-thinking and over-analyzing it. I would often just go with the simplest and clearest expression.
October 20, 2018
If you meant to say "on the tracks", I would say it like "在站台下面" 或者 "在铁轨(铁路)上面"。"在火车下面" sounds frightening, 好像是在说 "被车碾过 (run over by a train)" 似的。 To me, "在桌子下面" would strictly mean "below the table". If something is on the floor, near/next to the table, I would say "在桌子旁边"。 Or, if I choose to be vague (because I'm frustrated or something), I might say something like "在桌子那儿!"。 Now, this would indicate that the item of interest could be anywhere on the table, beneath the table, or near the table.
October 20, 2018
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