How do you say "do you want me to send you back home?" In arabic
Oct 19, 2018 7:25 AM
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do want me to send you back home? هل تريدني أن أعيدك إلى المنزل(البيت)؟ hal toridni an oaidaka ila al manzil(al bayt)?
October 19, 2018
هل تُريدُني/ تُريدينَني أَنْ أُعيدَكَ/أُعيدَكِ إِلى الْمَنْزِل؟ تريدني / أُعيدكَ ---- للمذكر for male تريدينني / أُعيدكِ ---- للمؤنث for female The verb أُقِلُّ can be used instead of أُعيدُ , both verbs are correct and the sentence will be هل تُريدُني/ تُريدينَني أَنْ أُقِلّّكَ/أُقِلَّكِ إِلى الْمَنْزِل؟ تريدني / أقلكَ ---- للمذكر for male تريدينني / أقلكِ ---- للمؤنث for female
October 19, 2018
Though I did not provide answer to the question asked directly but I believe this article will be of help. Some word I translate to Arabic . Shino ga'id tal-eh? – What are you staring at? or What are you looking at? Ma tisma adel? – Can't you hear properly? Fee shay? – Is there anything ? La, mako shay – No, nothing khallini roohay – leave me alone, go. Ana mayabi shoofich. – I don't want to see you. Shit tal-eh? – What are you looking at? Shino tabin? – What do you want? Shino't gol(m) enti? – What did you say? Mako shay, eskit. – Nothing, be quiet. Leish, enti zahlana(f)? – Why, are you sad? Shino tabi yalghabi(m)? – What do you want, fool? Shino tabi yalghabiya(f)? – What do you want, fool? Ana maismat kallam − I don't listen. Ana ismat kallam. – I listen. Bint kom matismat kallam. – Your daughter don't listen. Al lehal kom minon. – Your children are crazy. Enti kelba(female)/kelb(male) − You are a dog. Lisanna towil – long tongue( means answering back too much) Enti mozina(female) − you are no good. Enta mozin(male) bel dar− you are not good in bed Enti zen/zain − You are good Enti mat ismah? – Can't you hear? Shitana – Satan-like(female) Shitan – Satan-like(male) Mat shoof – Can't see Mat ismah – can't hear Al marra kelba – The woman is a dog. Al marra minona – The woman is crazy. Ehya minona. – She is crazy. Ohwa minon. – He is crazy. Enti minona – You are crazy(female) Enta Minon –You are crazy(male)
October 19, 2018
هل تريد أن أعيدك إلى البيت
November 6, 2018
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