Writing my methodology Hey All, I need to write my methodology about conducting an experiment to answer some questions. As such, I collect biometric samples (i.e. fingerprint, face and keystrokes) from a number of users. The number of samples however among the fingerprint, face and keystrokes are not unified (i.e. 8 samples for fingerprint, 50 samples for face, and 60 for the keystrokes). The was an issue come up while performing the fusion method among the biometric approaches as the number of samples were different. As a result, I went ahead with taking the minimum number of samples (fusing the modalities with 8 samples each. Also, I applied another approach which is repeating the fingerprint samples into 50 samples then combined the modalities with 50 samples each. If this make a sense for you could you please offer me a complex and coherent writing about it? Many thanks
Oct 19, 2018 1:28 PM
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