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When should I use ~바가지?
Oct 19, 2018 2:02 PM
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바가지 is a traditional bowl-like container. It's a natural bowl made from gourd's fruit (or 박 in Korean, see, which every household used to have one. Being so commonplace in the old days it appears in some everyday phrases and idioms, usually implying "a lot of" or "plentiful" of something. * X-바가지 (suffix. "fated/cursed with X"), 고생바가지 (hardship-cursed person), 욕바가지 (butt of criticism/abuse). * 바가지로 = with/by the jug/bottle. 술을 바가지로 마시다 (drink liquor by the bottle), 욕을 바가지로 먹다 (take the flak). * 바기지를 쓰다 (idiom) = be ripped off (pay an exorbitant price for something). 바가지를 씌우다 = rip someone off. * 바가지를 긁다 (idiom) = to nag at someone (e.g. husband) - i.e. sounding like scraping(긁다) 바가지 with fingernails. 바가지 is not used anymore as it has long been replaced by plastic ones (and these are not called 바가지). The use of the above expressions are probably declining too. Especially, the suffix form -바가지 seems rare these days.
October 19, 2018
The only expression I know with "바가지" in it is "바가지를 쓰다". I can't recall any grammar rules that use "바가지".
October 19, 2018
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