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Could you have a look on these, SO THAT constructions - is grammar correct? 1. I write books so that people read them. 2. He works a lot so that his wife doesn’t work. 3. I want you to have a family. 4. He photographed the conference so that they had photographs.
Oct 20, 2018 8:09 AM
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Number 3 has no 'so that'.. It's not about grammar, it's about meaning - 'so that' should be to make something possible, so: Number 2 should be 'so that his wife doesn't have to' and Number1 and 4 are totally wrong because thay don't make sense. 'I publish my books online for free so that anyone can read them' and 'I took photos so that we could remember where people were sitting' are correct uses of 'so that'. :)
October 20, 2018
So that + could/ can I write books so that people can read them. I work hard so that my wife can rest at home. The meaning of the sentences is not how native people convey. Follow this link for more information: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/so-that-or-in-order-that
October 20, 2018
If you are going to speak or write, mistakes are helpful, don't worry.
October 20, 2018
As per my knowledge, they are correct
October 20, 2018
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