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Why does a chinese wife call her husband Lin(his name) gege knowing that gege means big brother ? My colleague's wife always calls him Lin gege and he challenged me to know why..
Oct 20, 2018 12:03 PM
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This is endearment. It means more like a lover, like before they were married. Calling a girlfriend, wife etc 妹妹 is also acceptable. This is due to cultural preference where intimate public affections between man and woman is frown upon. So by calling someone, "elder brother" makes them look like family, or related to avoid people frowning upon such relationships. Incest is a huge NO-NO in Chinese society. Usually the male is older. Having a woman older is rare but still acceptable. For example, Empress Wu, the only female emperor in Chinese history is older than her husband, the Emperor by 6 years.
October 20, 2018
I think most of Korean do that, Chinese usually don't call their husbands "big brother". But if you ever heard that, that's just the wife being cute, like guys calling their wives "sweety".
November 7, 2018
Dear Cybelle, 你好!This culture originate from ancient China. When couple or man and woman didn't married,they want to go outside together,it's better to call each other as brother and sister, or people will make irresponsible remarks . As time passes,even they married ,still call each other as brother and sister. But now it's almost like a nickname. Some people are shy to say "my husband",they will say name+ge,as a nickname. Xie na call his husband as "jie2 ge"
October 22, 2018
No worries mate.
October 20, 2018
Oh I got it now,.. Great thank to you Justin,,,
October 20, 2018
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