Is la cuenta both a bill you pay at a restaurant and a monthly credit card or electricity bill? I know "la cuenta" is "the bill" you pay at the end of your meal in a restaurant. Is the same word used for monthly bills like credit cards, electricity, & cell phone payments?
Oct 20, 2018 5:38 PM
Answers · 4
"Bill" can translate like: Factura. I need pay the bill. Necesito pagar la factura. "Factura" is used when you pay in: Supermarket, cellphone payments, etc. Examples: Necesito pagar la factura de energía. Por favor, deme una factura de mi compra. La factura tiene un error. Debemos pagar la factura.
October 21, 2018
I can't say for sure for other countries of Latam but in Mexico we call those "recibos". el recibo de la luz, del celular, etc.
October 20, 2018
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