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What is the difference between عندي and لي? Both translate as "I have" but I don't know when it is correct to use each one.
Oct 20, 2018 10:07 PM
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hello there! "لي" means "to me" or "for me" so when you want to say something like " to do something to me" in arabic "ان تفعل شيئا لي" it could also be used when you want to say that something is yours but only in the formal language. on the other hand "عندي" means "to have" so when you want to say " I have..." you say "...انا عندي"
October 20, 2018
لي: حرف اللام يفيد الملكية والياء ضمير متكلم، إذن الكلمة تفيد الملكية للمتكلم، لي كتاب أي أمتلك كتاب. بينما الكلمتان لدي وعندي ظرفان: لدي كتاب: معيِ الآن كتاب. عندي كتاب: ليِ كتاب -لا يشترط أن يكون حاضرًا معيِ الآن.
December 1, 2018
Also I want to add a little piece of information I learnt from my very knowledgeable Arabic teacher :) عند Has a meaning which indicates towards someone’s house e.g. عندك would mean ‘your house’. So you can say : هل سنلتقي عندك ؟ ‘Shall we meet at your house?’
October 23, 2018
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