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What is the meaning of "le"? When should I use "le" in a sentence? Thank you for any help!
Oct 20, 2018 11:37 PM
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Well, it represents the indirect object in Spanish.

"Le" is used for both third person singular (masculine and feminine), and "les" for both third person plural. In English, its equivalent involves the preposition "to".


Yo le pregunté algo. --> I ask something to him (or I asked him something)

Nosotros le dimos un regalo a ella. --> we gave a present to her.

Ustedes les enviaron una carta. --> You guys sent a letter to them.

If want to emphasize the gender of the person, you just have to add "a él" (in case of a guy), "a ella" (in case of a girl), "a ellos" and "a ellas".

October 20, 2018
Es una palabra que hace que tenga lógica la oración. Es un fragmento funcional. Ejemplo: A ella le gusta esa canción A ella gusta esa canción está mal dicho. En cambio, Ella gusta de esa canción está bien dicho pero estarías hablando como narrador de libros
October 21, 2018
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