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CAE vs. CPE - is it better to get worse results in CPE exam or better in CAE? I am choosing between which Cambridge exam to take. I know I am a level C1 and think I could do reasonably well in a CAE exam (maybe even get an A from it - which would basically give me the C2 level of English on a CAE certificate). That is why I'm thinking - why not go further ahead and try the CPE exam. It is possible, though, that my results will be worse because I don't have as much time to prepare for it - and I might end up getting a CPE certificate with only C1 level results. Which one do you guys think is better to do? Take a risk and "fail" (but still get C1) or to do what I know I'm good at and hopefully be pleasantly surprised? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks a lot guys! :-)
Oct 21, 2018 6:55 PM
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I would recommend that you take a full test in exam conditions and have it graded. Then you'll know your current level in each skill. You may already be able to achieve an overall C2 level, or reach it without much more practice, because of native strengths in speaking (especially) and also reading, use of English and listening.
October 21, 2018
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